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Frito-Lay, Inc 1987-1992 Background: In December of 1986, Willard Korn, former CEO of Frito-Lay, Inc. resigns due to profit plummets. Korn had led Frito-Lay down a road to disaster. His micromarketing idea was good at theory but unable to support the needs of the ever growing company. His resignation proved to be a turning point for the company and all of its employees.

A new beginning: A new beginning for the salty snack giant comes from the leadership of Michael Jordan. The CEO of Pepsi Worldwide Co. steps in to reestablish the market share of Frito-Lay Inc.

Jordan as a CEO was attempting to establish a greater market share for profitability, and reorganize the company to streamline operations and decision making. He began his campaign by the abandoning the micromarketing strategy, and moving to transfer control back to corporate headquarters.

It is difficult to say what I would have done differently, since I only know what I have read about the company.

I share much of the same feelings that Jordan does, in that the full potential of the HHC strategy is not fully unlocked. I might have looked deeper into what all this raw data was doing for my company. It is beginning to show towards the end of the case that this data overflow is costing the company more than it is providing it. If Jordan and his colleagues had taken a deeper look into what exactly they were going to do with all the data, they might have had a little glimpse of the future.

The HHC project was prototyped in Los Angeles, for one main reason, they had won the 1986 best run sales organization. This project was set into motion by Jordan to help aid the sales force with decision making. Many accounting...