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Frogs appear in many legends; in most of them they are pictured as good and friendly creatures. The toads in legends are normally the opposite of what a frog is, it is normally pictured as gross figures that are evil or bad. In more ways than one, the stories about frogs are true, they provide cures, they keep the insect level down, and much more.

It is said that European witches used frogs to cast powerful spells, such as transformation and predicting the future. In Egypt, the frog is a sign of fertile soil, and in Japan, it is a sign of good luck. It is also said that frogs can predict the weather with their croaking and location.

Most people don't think of frogs going back that long, but in reality, some frogs date back to 250 million years ago. Fossils of Triadobatrachus in Madagascar that date back to 250-205.7

million years ago. Frogs have been found in South America that have similar features to the frogs of today, this frog dated back to as early as 205.7-144.21 million years ago.

Frogs come in many different colors, including orange, red, blue, yellow, brown, black, grey, purple, and the most popular. Green. Poison Dart Frogs are one of the most colorful frogs in the world, they have these colors to warn predators that they may be poisonous, or they have these colors to surprise their predators so that they can get away. In a way, colors are a way of protection.

Another way a frog can protect itself is by hiding. Many frogs have colors that blend into their environment, but those that don't, have to hide or be eaten. Places frogs hide include dead leaves, fallen trees, logs, and even in the bushes or trees.

Poison is another way...