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Living on the frontier was not only hard, but also very difficult at times. The way of life was spent everyday dealing with factors that caused people to have to fight hard to live on. People who lived back then had to be outgoing if they wanted to survive. The technology we have now would have been very helpful back the. But sine they didn't, they had to deal with everything in their own way. Life was very hard to live, and if you wanted to make it, you had to try.

To be noble is what people needed to succeed on the frontier. Being noble is where a person sticks with them self no matter what happens. It is a value where they show greatness in them self and stay in good manners to everyone. This is what many people had to do. In a society like this, it did no good to let yourself become something that would not let you succeed.

"I know I'll be happy, she said. And his big, quiet hand around hers gave her the feeling of a fine, strong, loving, secure world (Forrest431)." This quote gives a fine example on how times were difficult. But he was noble and showing he was strong and they were going to succeed.

Courage is another trait that people living on the frontier needed to have. They never knew what they were going to encounter with, whether it was the weather, hot or cold and stormy, bothersome people, or animals. They would have to stand up and put their seatbelt on and go for the ride. On the frontier you couldn't be scared, although many times people would be. They had to keep their courage up. "It is remarkable how easily and insensibly we fall into a particular route, and make a beaten track for ourselves (Thoreau255)." What this is saying is you have to make your own path to follow to go on in life. If you do not have any courage, you will never make the path it takes to do this.

A third trait they needed was to believe in their selves. People had to believe in what they thought, or what the wanted. If not, they would never get anywhere. Frontier people couldn't just think about a future or later in life just let it slide. People had to do something about it. If they wanted it, they had to do it. "The only obligation which I have a right to assume is to do at anytime what I think is right (Thoreau259)." This is what people needed to do. If they had a thought or desire in their heart, they needed to make sure it happened.

Frontier spirit has been passed on through do to the way people used their ways to get through that time. The skills they learned were good skills for an individual to have. The people living back then were for the most part good hearted. And this is a big reason why frontier spirit has been endured through the years. It has endured in such areas of families. Families tend to take for granite the benefits we have now and how easy it is to live. And how it is not so boring now. But the frontier times let people think back to harder times. This lets people think they have it to good, and feel bad for the people in the past.

Life was very hard to live, and if you wanted to make it, you had to try. People living in this time period had to have certain traits. They needed to be Noble, have courage, and believe in themselves. If not, their life would not benefit them, but make it harder. There are three traits I listed. But I guarantee that there needs to be a lot more. And that's the way life should be for everybody. It should be something that people today should all have. Most people do, and that's why these traits of frontier spirit have been endured.