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How To Be A Successful Freshman How to be successful as a freshman, is a question that East Cobbers ask. Ill admit that the transition between East Cobb and Wheeler is hard, but it is nothing to be scared of.

There are a few things upcoming freshmen should know such as where to sit at lunch or what parts of the hall you should be in or how you should act at the pep rally.

At lunch make sure you do not eat on the senior deck. It is reserved for them and they are very uptight about any underclassmen eating there. Also, do not eat at the round tables they are reserved for upperclassmen. When walking around the halls to get to class it is okay to walk through the senior lobby. But make sure you do not congregate there in the morning or after school, the seniors are very touchy about that too! The pep rally is a big deal and its lots of fun.

When you enter the pep rally the students chant go home freshman, over and over again. Make sure you sit in the freshmen and section and you are probably going to get wet, because the seniors squirt the freshmen with water guns; so wear something you do not care if it gets ruin. Its all fun and games though, nobody gets hurt.

All in all freshman year is full of fun and new things. Just remember a few rules and your year will be awesome. Never go into the senior lobby in the morning, don't sit on the senior deck, and never talk back to upperclassmen. If you follow all these rules you will find Wheeler is a great place to go to school!