Frozen's Movie Review

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Frozen's Movie Review

Tinghao Fu

Last month I watched a movie called "Frozen". It is a animated and musical film. I think the movie is like a Broadway show, the voice actors are also work for Broadway's theatre. There are many famous movie stars (voice actor) in this movie: Starring Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, and Jonathan Groff. I like Idina Menzel most. I love her voice, her voice is very steady. It is good for her to sing the songs.

The story happened in a fictional kingdom in Northern Europe, the king had two daughters. Younger one was called Anna and the other older one was called Elsa. Elsa had power to make snow. They often got together and played snow. Once, when they were playing, Elsa hurt Anna. Even thought Anna was saved, Elsa couldn't forget the accident.

As Elsa became a teenager, the power became so stronger that she couldn't control it.

The king and queen died in a shipwreck. Then Elsa was going to be the queen. Anna fell in love with a prince who she met the first time. She wanted to marry him, but Elsa didn't agree. During their argument, Elsa made ice in front of many people.

After the accident, Elsa ran away. Anna wanted to find her back, so she ordered the prince to look after the kingdom. Anna met a man who lived on selling ice blocks and she employed him to take her to the north mountain where Elsa was living. Anna and Elsa fight with each other again, when Elsa hurt Anna. It was very urgent. If Anna couldn't get a kiss from true love, she would become a ice statue. The prince knocked Anna in a cold jail. He wanted to kill Anna and Elsa to get...