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Rage I hold within my soul

at times I cannot control

what's the point of being here?

When being me is what I fear

Everyday it's all the same

trapped again in my own pain

I cry myself to sleep

so many secrets I must keep

No one to reach you...nobody cares

Trapped in the middle of a distant stare

I've prayed that I was free

of this grief that's filling me

Everywhere I turn

every bridge must bur

WHY ARE INDIVIDUALS AGGRESSIVE? Aggression is difficult to define, it is a complex phenomenon, and depending upon the context the term can be made to carry either positive or negative connotations, it can be attacking behavior that may be either self-protective and self-assertive or to the infliction of injury toward oneself or toward others, to the total destruction of others......................In a perfect world, violence, plane crashes floods and other disasters would not occur.

Disease and illness would be non-existent. Emergency medical services would not have a basis for fruition. Unfortunately, the world is not perfect place.


Anger is a healthy emotion when it is expressed appropriately. When it is not,

It can have devastating effects. Anger is at the root of many personal and

Social problems, e.g., child abuse, domestic violence, physical and verbal

Abuse and community violence. Problematic interpersonal relations may also

Disrupt employment activities because of the interference of anger on

Workplace performance. Left unchecked, anger can destroy relationships,

Obstruct problem solving skills, and increase social withdrawal. Anger also

Affects our physical health. For example, it can tax our immune system;

Contribute to headaches, migraines, severe gastrointestinal symptoms,

Hypertension and coronary artery disease. Anger is a healthy and valid

Emotion. But many of us are taught not to express or show our anger. This

Often leaves us...