Fuels of the Future.

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Cars, they take us to work, to school, to the store, they haul the groceries, haul the trailer for that camping trip; we cannot live without our cars. With gas prices going over four dollars and fifty cents, fewer Americans are taking those long cross country trips, people with a limited income are driving less, and goods cost more in order to cover the price of gas. As a society we are fed up with the price of gas and as we become more conscious about our environment, even though it is said that volcanoes put out more carbon dioxide than cars do, the search for a more cost efficient and pollution free alternative to fuel our cars begins. When searching for alternative fuels we need to remember that an infrastructure needs to be built to support it. Also it needs to be environmentally healthy and that it can be made cheaply enough.

Gas has been the standard fuel source ever since cars became the mainstream transportation, but before that happened there was a similar debate about what fuels to use. Battery power, diesel, gas, and bio diesel, were all fighting for supremacy. The problem with batteries was they did not carry a long enough lasting charge and the cars needed plenty of space to hold all the batteries. To add on to all the problems because it was too heavy for the muddy roads and it was only good enough to travel within the town, the idea was bumped. Bio diesel, diesel, and gas were all good ideas with one drawback. People were afraid that the gas powered cars would blow up, killing them with the car. At the same time, Rockefeller had become one of the richest most powerful men in the world and by giving away money...