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Ephraim Cabot- Father/man of the house, about 75 yrs old

Simeon - Cabot's son, 39 yrs old

Peter - Cabot's son, Simeon's brother, 37 yrs old

Eben - Cabot's son, Simeon's and Peter's half-brother, the youngest, 25 yrs old

Abbie Puntman - Cabot's new bride in Scene Four, about 35 yrs old.


Place - New England in and immediately outside the Cabot farmhouse, where two large elm trees "hang" over the house

Year- 1850s

Part One:

Scene 1:

-the scene begins with Eben looking out from the porch at sunset ringing the dinner bell.

-Simeon and Peter talk about and wonder about gold in california

-Cabot has been gone for about 2 months

-its seems Simeon and Peter hold a grudge against Cabot for making them always work on the farm

-before going insided, Eben remarks at how he wishes Cabot is dead

Scene 2:

-set in the kitchen, they are eating

-Simeon scolds Eben for praying their father is dead

-Eben accuses Cabot for killing his mother, stating he made her work like a slave around the house.

he also accuse Simeon and Peter for not "helping" his mother if they claim she was good to them.

-Eben believes the farm belongs to him b/c Cabot stole it from his mother

-they then talk about when Cabot left and why. Simeon was the last to see him, he said theat he thought he was drunk and sick of the farm and felt like leaving to learn GOD's message.

-Simeon also says he would have taken him on but stopped. Eben scorns Simeon and Peter that Cabot is stronger then them and they are scared. when Peter asks if Eben can take him on, he retorts that he is getting stronger.

-Eben says he's going to Minnie's. from...