Fun in the sun

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As I stepped out of my house that day, I was more than ready for a luxurious vacation. Nothing could stand between me, and my four week break of rest, relaxation, and renewal. Of all of the places in the world I could go for my rejuvenation pilgrimage, the only place I wanted to go was the French Riviera. Nothing but white beaches, elegant homes, crystal blue water, and receiving the most lavish services in the universe, who wouldn?t want all that for four weeks straight? I stepped into my car, made a mental checklist of all my luggage, and took a deep breath in as I started out on my journey.

After hours of sitting in stand still traffic, I finally arrived at the airport. While walking into the font doors, a little man jumped in front of me, like a frog out of water. He was small and springy, with little tufts of red hair sprouting from a ring of shiny skin upon his head.

When he smile it was a friendly smile with crooked teeth, but at the same time eerie and imposing. He reminded me of a baby, curious and innocent, and also round and shiny. "Have you heard the word of God today?" he asked me. I gave him an awkward smile, and said no thank you and walked on. As I kept walking, I could hear the religious spokesman chanting phrases about the kingdom of heaven is upon us, and what will God think of each and every one of us, but slowly the noises of the bustling airport drowned out his orations.

Once I had finally reached the ticket counter, passed through the never-ending security line, and found my gate, I still had 45 minutes until my flight took off. I spotted...