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Kathy Kudler like all good gourmet cooks is very passionate about her cooking and very meticulous about what goes into her cooking. Fed up with having to travel all over town to gather important ingredients for her creations she decided to cater to other frustrated cooks and opened a store that had it all! Kudler Foods opened in 1998 and carries a wide selection of the freshest ingredients as well as all of the tools a gourmet cook could ever want. Kathy Kudler had developed a strategy and plan to fulfill a need. Since 1998 Kudler Foods has taken on hundreds of employees and an organizational structure to meet the challenges a big company will face. This paper will analyze Kudler Foods organizational structure and how it is used to achieve the companies stated goals and fulfill its mission statement.

Mission, Vision, Values, Goals AnalysisKudler Foods has clearly identified all of the first key components in their strategic plan.

The mission statement expresses the organizations commitment to providing the finest selection of foods and wines so that one's culinary vision can come true (Kudler Foods Strategic Plan, 2003). A mission statements purpose is to identify the organizations goals, the purpose of the company, who the customers will be, and the responsibilities the organization has to their customers. Kudler Foods have applied a straightforward and undeviating statement that will give management a decision making guide and implies the overall goals of the company.

In addition to a mission statement, a vision statement should be developed in order to expresses what will be achieved if the organization is successful with the objectives identified in their mission. Kudler's vision statement reads;"Kudler Fine Foods will be the premiere gourmet grocery store for those savvy shoppers who are searching for the finest meats, produce,