Functioning Within A Family

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Functioning Within A FamilyThe functioning of a family is hard to define and describe. Family functioning varies between cultures, and has changed dramatically between the generations. Dr. Murray Bowen originated a theory of human behavior that views the family emotional unit, using its systems thinking to describe the complex interaction; the nature of the family is that the family and its members are an intensely connected emotional unit.

(Bowen Theory) The systems theory developed by Dr. Bowen concludes that emotional interdependence evolves to promote the cohesive cooperation that families need to protect, shelter, and feed its members. 'Without a willingness to compromise and a foundation of mutual trust, a family is severely wounded if not broken'. ( Garrotto ) I will elaborate on this topic using several examples of our current state of family in American culture, and by using quotations and experimental results from accomplished psychologists and researchers.

In an article entitled 'Family Systems Practice', found in Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development, an explanation was offered for the roles that each family member plays within the family unit.