Functions of HR as a strategic partner

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Functions of HR as a strategic partnerThe function of HR as a strategic partner is to help contain the planning and implementation of policies and overall management of the workforce in a business or corporation. It also maintain an edge against its competitors in the market/business place, and it use a general approach to ensure that it is effectively use to accomplish missions. The tactic part is different, it is the program that may be generated in any company that is use to advance that company strategic goal which plays a more important role than tactic. With this the alignment of recruitment processing generates a particular job position which a pool of qualified candidates in or out of the organization may apply for.

Organization strategic goals are set long term based on the environmental opportunities and how business can deploy its assets to compete effectively and the flow of resources that may or will be involved.

This is new technology has many effects on he management or human resources in the organization specifically and this is with the rise of different technology improving the quality of the work force, and with this, a reduction of the company cost to maintain manual workers is been deleted where technology picks up the faster service with more space to work with and accuracy. Quality improvement is another way to strategic partnering takes place in the HR role where they are always planning and implementing different things for improvement. With this the acquisitions of merging with other business comes rapid and the HRstrategic partner has to make sure everything is effectively done to the change.

In conclusion, my understanding of HR as a strategic partner, is that is vital to the goals of the corporation, it reinforces the overall business...