Functions of management

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This paper examines my thoughts on how the term "management" is linked to the United States Navy that is partially built on the four general functions: planning, organizing, leading and controlling. It looks at when an organization can integrate these functions well, becomes successful. It explains that the functions of management that impact knowledge may strongly impact an organization's success. The four functions of management in relation to United States Navy consider world and employee needs, develop personnel organizational charts, incorporate internal and external factors, and establish goals for day-to-day management. It shows how the functions of management are focused closely on understanding and identifying Department's and employee needs. Management is not in military term and in my opinion it's closely compared to supervision. Paper concludes that the four functions are especially important, and failure in identifying management issues within such big organization context can be devastating to the mission success and world peace.

Functions of Management

The broad term "management" is divided into four key functions - planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Each function is an area that needs to be managed effectively for any organization to operate successfully.

Planning is the function of selecting enterprise objectives, department goals and programs and determining ways of reaching them. Where will the ship be in the future and what needs to get done to get it there? Intelligent planning requires the consideration of many variables; it may be necessary to look over past records carefully. Yesterday's information may hold the key to tomorrow and therefore, the organizations success. Successful planning must grow out of past performance. The primary aid in our ship's planning is our ability to communicate with any other command inside Department of Defense at any given time. Other joint exercises, missions, and unit location are all factors...