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The four main functions of management are essential to building strong teams and even stronger companies or organizations. These four main functions are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. In this paper, I will take a look at each of these four functions and discuss the importance of each.


Planning is the ongoing process of developing the team or company's objective and determining how they will be accomplished. Some of the things that a manager needs to take in to consideration when planning could be some of the following but not limited to: personnel involved, and also limitations on cost, time, and supplies available. Planning is the first function because without planning, you cannot move forward with the other three. It involves selection of objectives, policies, and procedures or rules for accomplishing them.

In my opinion, planning is very important because you will not move on effectively with the other three functions without it.

You want to have a back-up plan or 'Plan B' in case something happens to prevent your initial plan from happening. You want to think of any obstacles that may prevent you from attaining your goal.

My company has goals that they have set at every level that come from planning or forecasting. They have a mission statement, a quality policy, and an environmental policy. Some of the goals that they set pertain to safety, delivery, quality, sales, and cost.


Organization is very important to reaching the goal that you have set to accomplish. It is used to get the maximum amount done with the minimum effort put forth. I believe that the best type of organization within a company or group is a table or chart of some type. The chart or table puts everyone's place within the company very clear. An organizational chart...