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Management and its functions are a key part of every business in one way or another. There are several levels of management and various roles and responsibilities associated to each one. Change has taken place over the years, processes and procedures continue to progress with each technological advancement. However, the functions of management; planning, organizing, leading and controlling are still utilized today to assist in defining processes of management and achieving organizational goals. Described below are the four functions of management and examples of how they are used in an organization.

Planning is the function that involves setting goals and objectives and a plan of action to achieve them. The planning process includes an analysis of economic conditions, the current state, the competition and the anticipated future state. There are different types of planning. Strategic planning is often used for long term, three or more years, tactical planning helps implement the strategic plans over a one to three year time period, and operational planning is short range planning from one week to one year, designed to develop actions that support both the strategic and tactical plans (

In the Operations organization where I am currently employed, they utilize all three forms of planning described above. An example of a particular goal is to meet on time delivery of the product to the customer, and actions are followed in order to obtain this commitment.

Organizing is the function which develops an organizational structure, utilizing human resources to achieve the goals. Most often organization charts are used to represent the business functions and their duties and responsibilities. Over the years many organizations and businesses have been moving from individual functions, roles and responsibilities, to a teamwork approach and environment. It creates the environment were people, processes and organizations work together to achieve...