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The process of successful managing involves many different elements and skills. Incorporating all of the skills and elements necessary for effective and efficient managing involves knowing and understanding the goals and functions of the organization.

Management techniques have been refined, tested and written about in great length. There are a great many styles of management; some work and others do not. We shall compare two of the current systems that have become popular. In this paper we shall explore two management techniques.

Bateman-Snell (2003) breaks down the management system into four main functions. These functions consist of Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling. According to Bateman-Snell (2003), Planning is defined as "specifying the goals to be achieved and deciding in advance the appropriate actions needed to achieve those goals." This function would include analyzing all possible angles involved in assembling a business, and then working towards achieving the goals in a systematic, predetermined fashion.

Ervens (1999) defines Planning as being "concerned with the future impact of today's decisions. It is the fundamental function of management from which the other four stem. The need for planning is often apparent after the fact. However, planning is easy to postpone in the short-run. Postponement of planning especially plagues labor oriented, hands on managers." Planning is the first and most important step; all other functions follow and are dependent on proper planning.

My organization is over one hundred years old. The founding fathers did an excellent job of planning. They bought one hundred thousand acres of land in New Mexico, along with the mineral rights. At last count, the TRUST is now worth over 95 million dollars. This bit of planning has assured my hospital will be solvent for many more years to come. In addition, many years ago they merged the older Miner's...