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University of PhoenixFunctions of ManagementManagement styles vary within the vast business organizations over the world. To be a good manager, one must continuously learn and grow with the company and embrace changes as they come to remain vital to the organization in which they are employed. Whether a first time manager or an experienced one, they should follow the functions of management to form the basis of good management practices in companies large and small. Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling are the four functions of management that all managers should learn as well as share with their employees whom may become managers one day.

PlanningPlanning is defined by T. S. Bateman and S. A. Snell as "analyzing a situation, determining the goals that will be pursued, and deciding in advance the actions needed to pursue these goals" (Bateman, T. S., Snell, S. A., 2007, p.27). Many processes at Baker Hughes are conceived by defining the need, the tasks that will have to be accomplished in order to meet that need and how these tasks are to be conducted and by whom.

An example of a situation at Baker Hughes occurred when the company decided to define a brand for the INTEQ division. The marketing department met with the product line managers, the INTEQ leadership team and hired an outside consulting firm experienced in helping companies with branding initiatives. After attending numerous brainstorming sessions and looking outside at other companies that had gone through the same type of branding initiatives, they set the tasks that needed to be completed in order to develop the brand and assigned action items to members of the Marketing team and the outside consulting firm. Once a plan was devised and the tasks were clearly defined and assigned, the plan was put into action. Although this...