Functions of Management in the Food Service Industry. Defines the four basic fundamentals of management as related to the food service industry.

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There are four basic functions of management that all businesses must employ in order for a company to succeed. Those functions (planning, organizing, leading, and controlling) are utilized daily by members of management in the food service industry. Without the proper implementation of these four ingredients, the day-to-day operations suffer and loss of revenue will be the result. These functions do not guarantee the elimination of problems, but it does allow a successful start and the means to which a solution can be achieved to correct problems in order for the organization to remain effective and productive.

Functions of Management in the Food Service IndustryEvery organization and company, whether it is big or small, has developed its own management concepts so that it may operate smoothly while accomplishing the goals and objectives it has set forth. There are four fundamentals of management that allow the company to meet those goals: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.

To better understand the functions of management, it is necessary to first define what management is: American Century Dictionary define management as "the art or act of managing; the conducting or supervising of something (as a business)." (1995) The proper management of a company is essential for the success of an organization. Without management, most organizations would falter and eventually fail. The food service industry utilizes the four functions of management in its daily operations. Let us take a closer look at these functions and how they relate to the food service industry.

PlanningAccording to Sanjay Rane, a writer for the Associated Content, planning is "the foundation upon which the other three should be built (2007). The planning phase requires management to evaluate where the company is currently at and where it is going in the future. In the food service industry, this phase is...