Functions of Management MGT 330 - Management: Theory, Practice, Application May 14, 2005

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Functions of Management

Functions of Management include planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. This paper will review the four functions of management as well as address how each of these four functions relates to my personal employer, Lacey. I currently hold a management role at Lacey and have firsthand knowledge of how each of these functions of management to make the organization successful.

Planning is the first step of successful management and must precede the remaining functions of management. Planning is identifying organizational goals and the ongoing process to achieve those goals. Reviewing current conditions, evaluating the competitive market, anticipating future changes, and determining objectives are all part of the planning process. Planning will include the development of a mission and vision statement and clearly identify the organizational goals. Objectives will cover all areas of the organization such as productivity, profitability, and management. Finally, goals are outlined and are specific, measurable, and attainable.

Lacey's core business is to recruit professionals. Lacey has a clearly stated mission and vision statement making the objectives and goals clearly defined. The mission and vision statement is seeking to understand the needs of client organizations, providing quality work, being committed to their work, working with integrity, and being professional. Planning is used on an ongoing basis to continually review current market conditions, evaluate competitors, anticipate the volatility of the healthcare market, and determine objectives to stay a market leader.

Organization is the second step of successful management. Organization is pulling together all the necessary processes to achieve the goals: (1) leadership who will create organizational charts and identify essential business functions, (2) superior human resources who will write job descriptions, hire staff, and reduce legal liability, and (3) managers who will create working environments which treat staff with respect and optimize productivity and success.

Lacey has...