Functions of Public Relations

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According to the Community Cultural Development Center Publics can be defined as "A group of people who share common interests or concerns" (Community Cultural Development [CCD], 2006). The investigation for meaning of the term public led to a plethora of descriptions all relative to the defining agency. "In public relations, more specifically, a public is a group of people with a stake in an issue, organization, or idea" (Seitel, 2004, p. 9).

Definition of Internal Public

By digesting the previous definition of public and incorporating internal into the equation, one would gather that the definition of internal public to be; a group of people within an institution or community that share a common interest or idea. This is PR: The Realities of Public Relations; defines internal publics as "persons who share the institutional identity of the organization, including employees, management and many types of supporters, such as investors" (Newsom, Turk, & Kruckeberg, 2004, p.

394). By both these definitions it is safe to assume that internal deals with the individuals involved inside of a particular group or organization or the creators so to speak as opposed to the individuals that are on the other side or outside on the receiving end of what is created.

Definition of External Publics

By the same processes in formulating the definition for internal publics, external publics can be derived as; the rest of the people or individuals not included in the internal public or individuals outside the corporation that also share a common interest or idea. This is PR defines external publics as people that "exist outside an organization and are not directly or officially a part of the organization, although they do have a relationship with it" (Newsom et al., 2004, p. 391).


The function of communicating with managers and...