Functions of Public Relations

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In any organization you are going to find a Research and Marketing department. Sometimes this department is known the Public Relations department. Their job is to create interest in a person, idea, product, institution or a business establishment. A public Relations specialist is devoted to serving a particular interest and presenting this interest to the public in a favorable light. In order to do their job correctly a Public Relations Specialist will use multiple outlets to get their message across to the media. Some of these different outlets consist of radio and TV commercials, pamphlets, trade shows and media releases.

In today's society older Americans are finding it harder to find a decent job without a college education. More and more students are returning to college each year. Distance learning enables many adults to earn their degree from home via the internet. Today there are many different schools to choose where you would like to earn your college degree from the comfort of your living room.

University of Phoenix is the pioneer in distance learning. In 1989 the University of Phoenix was the first school to hold classes online. Today with the competing markets of other educational institutions enrolling students online the University of Phoenix finds itself in a place where it has to constantly stay competitive and is always looking at new locations to open new campuses.

Strategically University of Phoenix campuses are located off any major freeways. This is done for visible publicity standpoints. According to our readings "publicity is regarded as more credible than advertising" (2007). First and foremost advertising cost money; by strategically locating campuses right off of freeways it saves money from advertising.

When the University of Phoenix decides to expand it has to look at the organizational side of its Public Relations first.