A funny story about my Cat

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I love my cat because it he is the best cat in the world. He is all black and his name is Mr. Kitty. I got him on my 6th Birthday, when he was just a kitten. There are many funny stories that I could tell you about him, but I think this one is the funniest.

My Kitchen leads out to the back porch, where Mr. Kitty's food is. Right beside the door, which has a large window, is the dryer. One day we were eating dinner and Mr. Kitty was sitting on the dryer looking out at the porch. Suddenly, he takes a running leap off the dryer, right into the door window. Smack!! He hits it dead on and flies back. Dazed, he sits up and looks around for a few seconds. Then he gets up on the dryer, looks at the door and off he goes.

SMACK!! He does it again.

After much laughter and a little petting, I let him on the porch, where he heads straight to his food bowl. I don't know if he was just extremely hungry or what, but he'd never done that before and never did it again. The moral of this story is. If you try something and at first you don't succeed, try again. But only if it doesn't hurt!