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The Fugitive The super objective of this movie was based upon two things, one was to catch Dr. Kimball, seeing how he was the fugitive and two for Dr. Kimball to find who was responsible for killing his wife. Kimball goes through allot of trouble and agony attempting to discover the truth behind his wife's murder, just as the US Marshals dig deep to unravel the mystery in to Dr. Kimball's where abouts. From the beginning with the bus/ train accident, Kimball has shown courage and respect for those who encounter him. Starting with the officer injured on the bus, up to the kid at the hospital that did not have the right attention.

Kimall brings the viewer closer to his goal, by attempting to uncover new information through out the entire movie. By vistiting friends and docotors, to obtaining information from the hospitals and breaking an entering in to the possible man that murdered his wife, he has shown he is willing to take the risk to close this case.

The characters in the film have many intentions. For one, Dr. Kimball's intention is to avoid the police for one and to find who murdered his wife. He risks his freedom at many times through out the movie. He first enters a hospital when he first escapes the train site, to clean his wounds and shave so he could not be noticed as well. In that time he confronts a police officer that fails to recognize him. Then un willingly jumps off a damn to avoid Samuel Gerard. Later on in the film he gets information through friends and hospital files that lead him closer to solving who killed his wife. On the other hand though the US Marshals intention is to just find him and arrest him once again. They later learn that Kimball is an innocent man.

Dr. Kimball's motivation is the point of proving that he did not murder his wife, along with pure revenge for the person who did. If he can not prove him self than he will be executed. That's a good motivational stand point for me. The US. Marshals motivation is to close the case. They want to catch Dr. Kimball and put an end to all the chasing.

Dr. Kimball's encounters many factors that get in his way to greater the dramatic conflict in the film. When he entered the hospital, he passes a police officer which asks him if he has seen himself, yet the officer does not notice him. Two, he enteres the tunnel with the ambulance and the helicopter cornors him in, leading to him being trapped at the end of a sewer tunnel. He pretend to be a janitor in the hospital, saving a child's life, but getting noticed by a nurse. And finally, towards the end of the film, the man whom killed his wife gets between Dr. Kimball's search for the truth, and Dr Kimball's way of keeping hidden from police.

You can interprut Dr. Kimball's feelings when he comes out of the river and is running through the woods. You can see that the man is tired and is sick of this running thing already. When he collapses, you can tell the anguish and disgust he is going through, when he running yet he knows he is an innocent man. At the end of the film, when Kimball nocks out Dr. Nickles with the pole, the stare that Kimball gives Gerard, is telling him that this is over and he is done ruinning.