The Future of Automobiles

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Feeling the effects of a wavering economy and watching oil prices sky rocket out of control over the past six months has led me to start thinking about the future of the automotive industry and asking myself whether its resource demands are still sustainable; particularly in light of its complete dependence on petroleum. Could the earth still sustain the impacts of emissions polluting the air? Will the citizens of the world accept that cars pollute and will continue to pollute the earth or will they make a stand and demand greener cars from the automotive industry?Well, I think the future looks green for future automobiles, which are becoming more eco friendly. Global awareness, the awareness of the green house effect alongside rising gas prices have made consumers wanting to leave behind the gas guzzling automobiles and SUV's and turn their preferences to a more fuel efficient car. This in turn has forced many automakers worldwide to do an about face and make extreme changes to their future generations.

The automobile as a basic concept has hardly evolved since its debut over a hundred years ago. The automobile is still an internally powered personal transportation vehicle for use on the road; it is also still designed to carry a driver and a few passengers. However, technical advances in the industry has provided automakers with new technology that allows manufactures the ability to create vehicles that have alternate battery sources as well as alternate fuel sources which will burn cleaner and help the environment. The auto industry also have started using different materials which are more eco friendly materials when building their cars, they are lighter in weight so they consume less gas. With the high demands from the public, most manufacturers are trying to answer calls for cleaner burning more fuel...