Future of Bilingual Education

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The World of Teaching: The future and expectations of Bilingual Education

According to the Illinois State University Bilingual Education program website, out of all the teacher candidates that major in Bilingual Education and seek a career with it, one hundred percent of those candidates have been hired ("Illinois State University"). That is an obviously high percentage. Additionally, W3Education online states in the article "Future Outlook of Education Careers" that the job outlook for education majors is expected to rise within the next few years, which is a good outlook for the many students majoring in education ("W3Education"). As of right now, it is extremely difficult for a lot of graduates to find a job in education. Teaching is a career that many individuals pursue, which is great. At the same time, since there are so many individuals pursuing Education, spots become more and more limited every day.

However, Bilingual Education with Spanish is a career that is constantly in high demand across the United States and even in other countries across the world. Many people pursue education careers because they are satisfying to the teacher. Moreover, having the ability to teach students information that they will use for the rest of their lives is a good feeling to many people. The math, science, social studies, reading and writing that is taught to students up until college is the information that will be used by the students to hopefully obtain a job and lead a happy successful life. Within this major, just like any other, there are many types of writing and many tasks that are completed on a daily basis.

Bilingual Education is also known as bilingual immersion and two-way immersion. As simply stated by the U.S. Department of Education...