The Future of Business Ethics

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Taking personal responsibility for economic and ethical performance of corporations - Business Ethics Articles - impact of corporate governance scandals on business ethics debate

Failure in business ethics is a real threat to the future of every corporation. business ethics as an issue is a hundred times more powerful than the internet or globalisation and can destroy your business in a week. To make matters worse, standards of business ethics are changing rapidly in response to random events which capture public imagination. In business ethics, what was good is becoming bad and what was considered bad is now good. Standards for business ethics that have worked for decades are looking old fashioned or immoral while other practices that raised questions are becoming totally acceptable.

So what is going to happen next in business ethics? How can corporations use business ethics to restore confidence and protect themselves against tomorrow's headlines? What will be the new "Gold Standard" for business ethics and corporate governance? How much further than legal minimum requirements for business ethics should corporations go to ensure sustainable success?

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