The future of business organisation

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The Future of Business Organisations

Charles Handy is a writer and a broadcaster is well known for his views that he expresses in the book The Hungry Spirit. Is views are well grounded and back up by his experiences in business and more importantly in life. In the third section of his book The Hungry Spirit, Charles has many ideas that suggest businesses have an underlying line that follows citizenship in life. With this in mind he believes this will help organisations adapt to the needs of the 21st century.

Part C of his book is entitled Towards a Decent Society and is split into 4 main sections as shown below:

* A Better Capitalism - Handy's views on re-inventing capitalism

* The Citizen Company - Showing how business can be see in a different light

* A Proper Education - Views on who needs to take responsibility

* A Part for Government - Government playing its role in the new ideas

A better capitalism expresses ideas that anything left to do what it wants, when it wants does not necessarily work out for the best, and in most cases fails in achieving the task or goal.

Handy talks of selfishness in proper and improper forms and gives views on how they will affect capitalism.

No one is responsible for anyone else. That is improper selfishness and can self destruct. We need something better. Capitalism as an idea includes social capital as well as economic capitalism. One without the other will not work.

The quote above shows that Handy believes that if people are responsible only for themselves there is no sense of care or concern for anyone else, which will lead to the company eventually to the end. Proper selfish companies will be successful as they will be concerned...