The Future of the Iraqi government

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The future of Iraq is in the hands of the U.S. and with that the U.S. has promised to assemble a democracy for the Iraqi people. But this will be a difficult task, it will not come as easily as it may seem. The U.S. cannot just democratize Iraq at gun point because a democracy cannot be forced on unwilling people. There is a huge mistrust of the U.S. and what they plan to do in the Middle East. Many polls from Western Europe indicate that even the U.S.'s traditional allies think that this war in Iraq is about the access of oil. The Arab people think even less of the Bush Administration and the war is not helping his popularity at all. In fact from the few polls available, the Arabs think that the U.S. dissevered the attacks of 9/11.

Before going to war the Bush Administration should have had a clear plan on the way they were going to democratize Iraq, but they didn't.

Instead they had many different proposals that were cut down to three. The short term option, this is where the U.S makes a true effort to get a full functioning democracy in Iraq and just leaves everything into the hands of the newly elected Iraqi government. The long term option, which will take about ten years or more in were the U.S. starts from scratch to establish democratic roots in Iraq. Another short term option around two years, were the U.S. installs a puppet regime in Iraq and move the U.S. troops out.

Option one is called Democracy Lite it is where the U.S. spends a considerable amount of time making an up and running democracy and when this is all set up the U.S. troops go home and leave everything to Iraq's...