The future is like a blank slate. Many people have

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The future is like a blank slate. Many people have predicted how this slate will eventually reads. Two such figures who envisioned our society as dark and chilling were George Orwell and Aldous Huxley. Major themes of Orwell’s 1984 include psychological manipulation, control of information and history and use of language as a form of mid control. Huxley’s Brave New World includes themes such as the incompatibility of truth and happiness and consumer society, that is where people place their economic values. Aldous Huxley’s views, written in 1936, regarding modern day society are more relevant than those of George Orwell’s.

Big Brother, the controlling force in 1984, is Orwell’s vision of an oppressor. He warns, in the future we will lose our rights to tyranny, as his characters have. Telescreens watch their every movement and the thought police control their views and opinions. Huxley’s differing ideas regarding oppression relates to today’s society better than Orwell’s oppressing Big Brother.

Huxley believes there is no Big Brother necessary to deprive people of their rights. Society will accept and eventually cherish their injustices. Technological advances that take away people’s capabilities to think will be revered, Examples of this effect on today’s society are calculators and computers. Both instruments have taken away the need to complete the thought process when solving a math problem or looking up information. Huxley’s outlooks on controlling forces in our society were correct.

George Orwell feared books would be banned. Huxley worried there would no reason to ban a book because no one would read one. In today’s society, where computers, TV and video games occupy people’s time, books aren’t the first source for entertainment. It is more likely that a controversial book isn’t read than a large stir is created and the book is banned. Lynne Cheney, wife of United States’ vice president Dick Cheney, has worked tirelessly to ban the music of infamous artists like Eminem from the radio and record stores. Huxley’s prediction regarding the literary future of our society is accurate.