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This paper concerns the differences between leadership and management. It will discuss how the four functions of management Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling differentiate between leadership and management in an organization. I also will discuss the new trends and concepts that managers are learning and following.

Leaders stand out in a crowd, rise to the top and accomplish significantly more than their peers. Some of the characteristics that make leaders different are vision, goals, clear purpose, self-discipline ability to communicate persistence and a positive attitude (Chu, 2003) There are four sets of actions a leader takes according to Gary Dessler; provide a vision, use the right leadership style, and apply organizational behavior skills such as motivating. (Dessler 2002)

The difference in between leaders and manager is that leaders have vision for their future organization. The right vision can be so inherently exciting that employees will purse it with an almost religious fervor (Dessler, Gary 2002) Manager's have a tendency to go with the flow and typically if there are no problems in there departments then they just keep on working day to day.

Leaders have drive and a high desire for achievement. They also realize that in order to fulfill their vision, they need to set a series of goals that will help them to do so.

Effective leaders are goal orientated and want to lead. They like being in control and prefer a leadership role rather than a subordinate role. Although many manager set goals and follow through with them the difference is that leaders are instrumental in influencing vision and setting goals. The difference in a manager and a leader is the leader does what ever it takes to accomplish his goals that take self-control and discipline.

An example is Bill Gates even though he was accepted...