Future of Management

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Future of Management

MGT 330

3 November 2003

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As the business world continues to adapt and change future managers will need a new approach separate from the traditional role of management. Management and leaders alike will have challenges to contrast bigger, better, and faster concepts.

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Future of Management

Management is someone who plans, organizes, leads and controls the people and the work of the organization in such a way the organization achieves its goals. All to often the terms leadership and management are used interchangeably . However, these words actually describe two different concepts. Leadership is just one of the many assets a successful manager must possess. Leadership is just one important component of the leading function. A leader is someone who people naturally follow through their own choice, whereas a manager must be obeyed.

The main aim of a manager is to maximize the production of an organization. To achieve this, managers must carry out the following functions:





These four functions of management will change the future of business as organizations change to meet consumer needs.

Planning is defined as "the process of setting goals and courses of action, developing rules and procedures, and forecasting future outcomes." (Dessler p. 130):

Managers must lay a foundation by constructing a vision. The vision must involve strategic planning. The plan should recognize the important role of employees and the demands of the market place. Adjusting and educating will provide new solutions to become a major contender on the market place.

Organizing is "identifying jobs to be done, hiring people to do them, establishing departments, delegating or pushing down authority to subordinates, establishing a chain of command, and coordinating the work of subordinates":...