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Most people believe that money is what makes the world go around and for the most part that is true. People need money to build a bigger and better society and as long as there is a need for growth money will be behind almost everything. Cities grow bigger and bigger while the little towns stay small. Some small towns prefer this because bigger cities have more crime and bigger problems to deal with.

When buildings and physical needs started to grow and expand modernization happens. Modernization is ever changing g and growing when needed. Macionis states that "social change begun by industrialization" (2006). The Increase of social change and diversity plays a big role in modernization due to new people and different things prosper and transform constantly. Society will change and grow as time moves on and humankind will adapt.

Nature, culture, social institutions, and other types of social structure are affected by social change.

"Modernization promotes a more rational, scientific worldview as tradition loses its hold and people gain more and more individual choice" (Macionis, 2006). This type of change can happen over time or over night depending on the situation. Social change take place continuously, which means things are at all times shifting and will continue to transform. Social change can happen by people, on purpose but is mainly based on accidental occurrences. "Tönnies viewed modernization as the progressive loss of Gemeinschaft, or human community" (Macionis, 2006). It was Tönnies belief that modernization changed how people and families lived. Changes happen all the time mostly when unexpected because changes can sneak up on people.

Health care and equipment has grown from when we first started because of the increase in population and land. Due to modernization people are living much longer than they use too. For example,