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My grandfather Joe was an eighty-five year old man that lived by himself in the Rocky Mountains. He lived by himself because his high school sweetheart, my grandmother Ruth passed away ten years before he did. He had a large cabin and a couple acres of land to go with it. His home and land were beautiful with all of the big pine trees and blue spruces that covered the perimeter of his land.

As he began to tell us what it was, there was a loud honking noise that came from in front of the house. My mother was here to pick us up. I said, "what is it, what is it?" Grandpa replied, "Go on home, I will show you next weekend." Unfortunately, there was never a next weekend.

Grandpa Joe had a heart attack while he was sleeping. I was so upset about his departure, but I couldn't stop thinking about the machine.

Why had Grandpa been so excited about the contraption? I asked my sister what she thought. She also said that she couldn't think about anything besides the machine.

We were in town with my mother when she stopped at a lawyer's office. She told us to just wait in the car. She came out about twenty minutes later and said that the lawyer wanted to speak to us. We went in and sat in the big leather chairs. The lawyer asked if we were okay with all that had happened. We said, "yes." Then he asked us if we knew what we were doing in the office. My sister and I both said, "no." He went on to tell us about what people do before they die. He told us that our grandfather left all of his property and money to us.

We didn't really understand all of that, but what we did understand was that we would be able to go and see what the machine was for. I was so excited. I asked my mother if we could possibly spend the week at Grandpa Joe's. After all we need to see all of the stuff he had given to us. She said that we could go up next week and stay for a while. We couldn't wait.

It was finally time to go. Jessie and I had been packed for three days before we left. When we finally got up there, my mother told us to be back at the house by supper time. So we jetted to the barn house. When we got there, the machine had been moved. We thought that our grandfather had moved it out of sight.

Jessie was looking around the barn when I found the door to the contraption. It slid over and there was two seats in there. We both jumped in and examined the machine. There were buttons and dials all over the place. But the one that stuck out was this red circular dial. There were no labels in there, so we didn't know what they were for.

By the time we had played around in there, it was time to go back for supper. So we put a tarp that was on the workbench over the machine and headed inside. Our mother asked us what we had found. We told her that we just played in the yard. Jessie and I promised that we wouldn't tell anyone what we had found. It wasn't that hard, because we really didn't know what it was either. We went to bed anticipating the next morning.

Jessie came in at seven o'clock and said that mom was still sleeping, so we should go. I put on my jeans and sweatshirt, then my boots and we were out the door. We opened the barn house doors and it was exactly how we left it. We took the tarp off of the machine, opened the sliding door, and hopped in. Jessie asked what we should do now. "How am I supposed to know?" I replied. I touched a few of the little buttons, and nothing happened. Then Jessie told me to turn the red dial. I was afraid of the red one. Red does mean stop. But I turned it anyway. We didn't think that it did anything, but boy were we wrong.

Jessie said that this was just another one of Grandpa's stupid things that doesn't do anything. So we tried to open the door. It was much harder to open it from the inside. After we both pushed on it together, it opened like normal. But everything was not normal. We were no longer in the old barn house. We were in some place that was very warm and sunny. It felt good after being in the dead of winter at the barn. At the same time, I was scared. Where were we? Jessie said that it was some kind of time machine. I was trilled, as well as a little scared. Jessie wanted to go back, but I wasn't finished.

I wanted to find out where the machine took us. So after a few minutes, I convinced Jessie to come along with me. I was the first one out. Jessie followed close behind. We looked around for a while. I saw some trees in the distance and said we should go and see what is over there.