The Future of Video Gaming

Essay by Phreakazoid December 2004

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Take a look at the world around you; the feel of this paper, the smell of the air, the background noise that is always going on. It all seems so real does it not? Well it is, at least as far as you and I know. But how sure can you be that you are not just imagining these senses. How can you even know what a sense is for sure? It cannot be proven, or verified. In fact senses are different for each and every person depending on how they perceive things. To one person the touch of a coffee pot may be extremely hot, while to another it may just feel warm. And the taste of the coffee may be greatly appealing to one person, but completely opposite for the other. In today's video games, it is often difficult to be able to distinguish between was it real and what is not, although people may not realize it.

A famous philosopher, René Descartes, once said "I think, therefore I am." And although this is a very powerful statement and there is much truth in it, it is also lacking in the fact that it mentions nothing of where one is. It is often hard to even distinguish between two simple realities such as in dreams or memories. At times we may wake up from a dream or a daydream and wonder if the events that took place or not. In other instances memories can seem to be altered as well. In some studies, the participants view a video and are then asked questions about it, such as 'Roughly how fast was the car going when it went past that barn?' In truth, no barn was present in the video, but this leading question can create the memory for...