Future Visions and Communication of Jails/Prisons

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Future Visions and Communication of Jails/PrisonsWhat is the future of the prison system in the United States? At present time there is still much scrutiny on America's prison system as to they way they were years ago. The rehabilitation and the recidivism rates are believed to be the most important of all to a functional jail system, not to mention the structure of the entire system itself. Direct supervision of jails seems to be the main focus of the National Institute of Corrections. The NIC has "identified one-hundred and forty-six direct supervision jails, sixteen of which were direct supervision and the others were a combination of both direct and traditional" (Kerle, Kenneth; Jails of the Future and Job Design. Pp.141-143). Without the "direct supervision" mentioned in the text, a jail system would fail as a structured institution.

Future perspectives in the prison system are the training of the correctional facility employees.

Balancing the "actual" training with "actual" on the job working experience can mean the difference between a good employee and a great employee. One such agency that supports employee training over classroom training is the California Department of Corrections. The CDC looks at more of the big picture, like spending money on existing employees rather than on "classroom taught" people. A problem that was put in front of the CDC, and they in turned solved it by saving "over forty million dollars annually on delivered training". (Burruel R., Armand and Williams, Mary: Training in the California department of Corrections. Pp.220-221). Having an insurance that the on-the-job training was more efficient than trained/employed. The result for the CDC was taking care of two problems with one shot. I believe that for the future of not just the CDC but for all agencies that on-the-job training is the best...