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Prompt 2. Magazine articleMost people would think a future world means a better world, but I don’t agree. The future world doesn’t necessarily mean a better world. It would be a lot better because of the technology and medicine that will be created, but it could also be bad because of the drought and over population.

When most people think of the future, they think of flying cars and all things to do with technology. All the houses will be big and you will be able to open doors, shut your blinds and turn your TV on just with your voice. Technology will just do everything for them. But how can we be sure of that? We don’t know that this will actually happen, we are just predicting that. Technology will keep on improving to help us with our lives and make it easier and more efficient, but when is it starting to go to far? We don’t need technology doing everything for us.

A really good positive about the future is with medicines. We have hundreds and hundreds of doctors and scientists working on finding cures for sickness. In the future we may have cures for cancer, blindness, deafness and a whole lot more. You could get injections as a child and be able to prevent getting such diseases e.g. Cancer and diabetes. It could be a unsick world where everything can be prevented. But then again we can’t be to sure of this, its all up to the hard working doctors and scientists to find the cures. They may never be found.

Think of the world in the movie Gattaca if you have seen it. In the whole film I couldn’t spot a natural thing. Everything was man made, and its showing us what the predicted future is...