A Futuristic interview with Thomas Hobbes and John Locke

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Gentian Artaksi

The following is a transcript of a televised debate between

Thomas Hobbes and John Locke, as seen on November 24, 2093, via

Time~Warp Broadcasting Inc.

COM: Television commentator

MED: Mediator of the debate

HOB: Thomas Hobbes

LOC: John Locke

Debate # 3

Hobbes vs Locke

November 24, 2093

COM: Good evening and welcome to the third debate of our seven

debate series featuring some of the most prominent theorists of all

time. Last week, via Time~Warp's exclusive satellite system, we got

a first hand taste of the famous Hart - Devlin debate. This week,

as promised, we are privileged to be the first to witness what

promises to be one of the great debates of all time.

First, let me introduce an "English philosopher, born in

Malmesbury, and educated at Magdalen Hall, University of Oxford."

Over his years he associated with numerous noted thinkers,

including Galileo and Descartes.

His works include, Leviathan, Or

the Matter, and Power of Commonwealth Ecclesiastic and Civil.

Please welcome Thomas Hobbes.

Debating with Hobbes is another "English philosopher, born in

the village of Wringtom, Somerset, and educated at the University

of Oxford." Historically, he has attacked the theories of divine

rights of kings, and those of Thomas Hobbes. His most notable work,

Two Treatises of Civil Government, along with On Politics and

Education, are considered among the most important pieces of

literature on political theory. It gives me great pleasure to

introduce John Locke.

For the benefit of those who have not been following our

series, today's debate will follow the usual format. First the

mediator will ask a question or pose a statement. One debater will

respond to this question or statement, the other will then be given

time to rebut any points made. The second...