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The GREAT program has taught me about things to think about in life. It has lessons for school and at home or wherever you may be. We learned about anger management, how to say no, and drug abuse and another way to think about how to solve difficult problems or decisions:

G Give thought to the problem

R Review the options

E Evaluate the positives and the negatives

A Assess the best option

T Think it over afterwards (Should you handle the situation again the way did this last time?).

The goals I have set for my life are: I want to go to college to get a degree in music and take business classes so I can someday open up a music store.

I need to do these things so I can reach my goals: I need to do my homework so I can go to a school that has a good program in music.

I also need to stay away from things that might affect my future negatively.

Getting involved in negative things will prevent me from reaching my goals. So when friends talk about parties that might have drugs or alcohol I should practice ways to say no. That way I won't get in trouble for being in the same place where bad things are happening.

Good communication is a very important part of making good decisions and preventing bad ones. If I can talk to my friends or my parents or other people I trust about things that happen in my life they sometimes can give me a different slant on how to resolve issues. They might also agree with me and help me realize I am making the right decisions. When people don't communicate, there can be hurt feelings, or misunderstandings. If those things are...