Gaia. My opinion

Essay by Max_Smoow March 2005

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After reading some of the material about Gaia theory, I starting thinking to myself, this sounds like some kind of earthly religion. Gaia would be the ancient living being that we are created from or are all part of. It's clear that the Earth has mechanisms to regulate itself, but there isn't a way to prove the concept of a living being. I believe that this is just a process that happens without an ancient living creature.

The process of self-regulating is describes as an ongoing transformation. Basically the environment influences life and life evolves influencing the environment. Does this mean that life affects our environment in a way that is favorable? I think it does. The greater norms of humans don't effect the environment in a positive way (I'm thinking of pollution and land development here) but as a whole earth system each part counteracts with other parts and we keep going.

Parts of the earth can counteract themselves. There are examples of this in the reading ("burial of carbon, salinity of the sea"). I found outside of the reading that volcanoes could counteract their heat by emitting sulfur compounds. These gases create a white haze that reflects incoming light - cooling the earth.

I don't think humans will be alive on earth forever, but other organisms can develop. Some can already live in the worst conditions imaginable - meaning that life on earth will remain for a very long time even if something catastrophic happens. This potential means that the Gaia system will prevail no matter what.