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Galileo Galilei with a Theme

A true Renaissance man, Galileo excelled in many things from philosophy and science, to painting and playing the lute. Born in Pisa in the year 1954, Galileo had a good family. His father Vincenzo was music teacher and a very good lute player. Galileo went on to make amazing discoveries and stir up some controversy. He lived a remarkable life full of ups and downs. He lived a long life into his late seventies and had his own family. His life relates to the theme of our course Individual, Knowledge, and Responsibility in many ways.

Galileo was his own individual in many ways. When Galileo's father sent him to enroll in the University of Pisa, he was sent with the intentions of starting a medical career. Partly due to the fact that there was a great physician in the family in the previous century, but Galileo had no real interest in medicine.

Galileo's real interests were in mathematics and philosophy. Despite his fathers desires he studied mathematics and philosophy while enrolled as a medical student. Being his own individual and defying his father by choosing a different career path, he was being his own person. Eventually his father backed off and Galileo left without completing his degree.

In 1591 Galileo's responsibility was really put to the test. Sadly his father died that year, and Galileo being the oldest son had to provide for the rest of the family. At this time Galileo had a job he liked as a professor of mathematics at Pisa, but this was a job that did not pay well. Galileo now had to search for a job that would pay more so he could provide enough for his family. With recommendations from Guidobaldo Del Monte, Galileo was appointed professor of...