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Born on February 5, 1564 in Pisa, Italy Galileo was a very accomplished man. He was the son of Vincenzo Galilei. He studied music and Giulia Ammannati at Pisa University and in 1581 he was a medical student at Pisa University.

Galileo (The Father of Modern Science) had many accomplishments, discoveries, inventions, and also proved and disproved some theories by other scientists.

Galileo disproved Aristotle?s theories of motion of a falling object and the earth being the center of the universe. He prove Aristotelian Physics to be wrong.

Galileo agreed with Copernicus? theory of all planets revolve around the sun and proved it to be correct.

Galileo also had his own theories. One of which was that speed is independent to mass it stated that in the absence of air a heavy stone and a light feather wound reach the ground at the same time if they were dropped from the same height.

Galileo made many discoveries such as Jupiter has 4 moons, Jupiter has 4 satellites, and acceleration (speed increases over time).

He had many inventions as well the Thermoscope, Microscope or as Galileo called it the ?Occhialini?, the Telescope, Geometrical and Military Compass and handbook, devised a mechanical calculating devise called the Sector, and he improved the Refracting Telescope.

A few books published by Galileo were ?Saggiatore?(The Assayer) in 1622 and the ?Dialog of Two Chief World Systems? later in 1632.

Galileo was on the chair for mathematics at Pisa University and at Padua University, he was nominated for foremost mathematician for Pisa University, mathematician for The Grand Duke of Tuscany, a member of Accademia dei Lincei to observe sunspots, he had a daughter (Sister Maria Celeste), and was a teacher.

Even Galileo?s pupils had inventions, theories, and discoveries. So he still influenced science and mathematics...