GALLIPOLI: Film Review

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GALLIPOLI: Film Review

Director:Peter WeirProducers:Patricia Lovell &

Executive Producer:Francis O' BrienRobert Stigwood

Screenplay:Michael WilliamsonYear of Production:1981

Characters:Archie Hamiltonplayed byMark Lee

Frank Dunneplayed byMel Gibson

Billyplayed by

Snowyplayed by

Barneyplayed by


The three settings that were shown in the film Gallipoli were in Western Australia, Egypt and Gallipoli.

The first setting in the film was Archie in Western Australia. The earth was red and orange it was really dusty and it was a wide-open space with not many houses nearby. There were shrubs around and a few trees, but most of the land was just dirt.

The following setting was in Egypt at the training grounds for the soldiers. The climate was extremely hot and sand was everywhere. The dunes and pyramids made it a good place to train because it is very hard to run in soft sand. The market place was very busy with Egyptians trying to rip off the Australians with there unreasonable prices.

The Gallipoli scenes seemed to me to be pretty realistic, although a lot of people thought that they would have liked the film more if it had captured the true horror that would have been there. Apparently the conditions in which the soldiers had to live in were much worse then shown in the film. The exceedingly bright lighting seemed to illustrate how the climate would have been. Disgustingly hot, tiring and miserably sunny.. The distance between the Turks and the Australians' trenches were only shown about 10-20 metres away from each other, this would have been an accurate spacing in the war.

Main Characters:

Archie - Was an 18 year old who wanted to join the Anzac's. He lived on a homestead with his family. His Uncle was his trainer for sprinting, Archie was a fast runner who had...