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How do you define casino? Casino defines as a place where people try to win money by playing games. Some people might say that casino is a best place to reduce stress and enjoy entertainment. In my opinion, it's not fun for me to go to casino and losing two or three hundreds dollars not even in five minute. In order to gain this amount of money, I must work hard for a month. According to Rev.Frey's group, called the National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling state "that casinos ruin lives and cannibalize existing business". Thus, this paper will examined various social impacts on many individual lives in society that governor should be considered of local legal gambling casinos.

First, gambling casino can lead individual to develop compulsive gambling disorder. Some people claims gamble is a way for them to escape from problems such as anxiety, guilty, and feeling of helplessness.

In fact, keeping gambling is a solution to fix those problems and in result it take away gambler's money and their valuable time. In addition, a gambler might have an urgent of need to gambling to undo a loss. The individual may abandon his or her gambling strategy and increasing larger bets with a mind to win back losses all at once. Nowadays, people create a high technology lottery machine that can catch a human's mind by giving her/him a first couple of big wining to keep that person comes back and gambling more in the future. For example, a relative of mine who once went to Las Vegas felt so lucky to win $10,000 for the first time of gambling in her life. After that trip, despite of family advises she keeps go to casino and gambling every weekend even though a casino was 200...