Gambling discuss three causes or effects of gambling and there effects on society

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Gambling is a very controversial matter. It has been viewed in a variety of ways. Many people believe that gambling stimulates the local economy and provides jobs for many individuals. However others hold a different view. Opponents believe that gambling is morally wrong and that it disrupts the economy and many families. People of all ages and from many different backgrounds turn to gambling for various reasons.

Gambling can be viewed as a pastime, an incentive to earn money or a place to meet new people and get free food and drinks. Exactly what is this telling us about our economy? Many people love to gamble because they feel that they can win easy money by having a good time. However the majority tend to loose money because once they start to gamble they can't stop.

Many states legalized gambling because they needed a source of revenue to help the economy, but if people pay attention to the whole notion of gambling, they would realize that people loose money and the government gains it and uses it for the economy.

However many people loose not only their money, but also their morals and families by becoming addicted to gambling. Aren't these people whose lives gets turned around a part of the economy in which the government is try to help? By observing the notion of gambling we are taking money from one pocket and putting it in the other. However by doing this, the society gets a different impression about what is morally right.

Gambling can cause many problems. People that start to gamble just to pass time, soon begin to do it more often, because they have a place to hang out, have fun with friends and eat and drink all they want. Without even realizing they will become...