Gambling should be legalized

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Gambling should be legalized

There is evidence that it existed in ancient times, while under the rule of Julius Ceasar.

In our day and age, we are surrounded by it. Gambling become an accept reality of society.

Playing the lottery, betting on horse at the track and playing cards among friends are just a

few of many forms of gambling. Although it is considered to be harmless hobby to some

people, it is an illness to others. My point is gambling is not as bad as you think because it

has much more benefits if you are open your mind and considered with circumspection.

For these reasons I think gambling should be legalized.

First, the most prominent as to why the legalization of gambling has been so popular

is the huge revenue it generates for governments. With a business that grosses over fifty

billion a year, many governments view gambling as an attractive way of bringing money to

the state.

In Canadian study by Vaillancourt and Roy in the year 2000, the authors stated that

the prohibition of gambling would result in a tax increase between ten and fifteen percent to

replace gambling revenues. And the fact that 82 percent of Canadian households in 2006 took

part in some form of gambling (Basham & White, 2002). Such a high percentage of people

gambling show how the popularity of legalized gambling can attract people to cities.

Second, cities where gambling is legal are considered to be great tourist attractions.

When casino opens, an influx of money enters the community's economy because of the

number of tourists. Las Vegas is a proof to how tourist's dollars are capable of changing a

barren desert into a highly desired destination. One of reasons why people become willing to

try gambling is because the majority...