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The Game Mark was an ordinary teenager at Chester High School. He played in many sports such as basketball, hockey, and swimming. He had a 3.0 average and was very involved in his schoolwork and all his sports. He is 17 years old and all ready thinking about his future, as in college. The main reason he works so hard in all sports is so that he may get a scholarship in at least one sport. He is also involved in a relationship at the time, which in the long run he hopes to get married to this girl. Her name is Dominique Wilt. She is 16 years old. She is also involved in her schoolwork and in all sports. A few of sports she is involved in is basketball, tennis, track, and swimming. Her average is a 3.5, which is a little higher than his, but she is still jealous of him because he is better at sports than she is.

It was Friday, February 14, 1998. It was the most important night for Chester High's Hockey team. They were in the state game. Everyone in the town was there. It was the biggest event of the year. All the fans were all psyched up and you could hear the players in the locker room blasting music and roaring like loins. That night they were playing the hardest team ever, the Piercing Penguins. The last time they played they lost by 12 points.

It was the last three minutes of the game and it was tied 6 to 6. The Penguin's biggest and best player, James McBrew, was going full speed down the rink. He was heading toward two things, the goal and Mark. As he approached Mark and the goal he swung the stick and hit the puck so hard. As the puck went soaring though the air it slammed into Mark's head. He fell immediately to the ground. When the coaches and paramedics got out on the ice he was out cold. They rushed him to the emergency room. He was in a coma.

The first person to get there was Dominique, then his parents and family members. Dominique was so afraid she was going to loose him. The doctors said that there was a good chance he wouldn't come out of the coma. Dominique didn't leave his side the whole time, except for school and little things. Mark stayed in the coma for six months. After that long everyone thought that he would never come out of it. Then one day Dominique had just arrived there from school and he opened his eyes. The first thing he said to her was, "Who are you and what happened to me?" "What do you mean who am I? It's me, Dominique, your girlfriend." "I'm sorry I don't have a girlfriend, and what happened to me?" "Yes you do, you have to remember." "I'm sorry I really don't remember you. Where are my parents?" " They're outside but I..." "Get them please and will you leave me alone? I really don't have a clue who you are!" "But you have to, I don't understand how you can't remember me. What happened to you?" After the doctors checked to see if everything was okay, they told his parents that he had a small case of amnesia and he was having trouble walking, but other than that he was fine. The thing Dominique didn't understand was that he remembered everything except for her. Mark's parents had to explain what happened, but he still didn't believe them. She then thought that maybe he just didn't want to remember her, which was really upsetting. Maybe he would never remember! What will happen to them, then? She thought to herself that she would make him eventually remember everything that they ever had.