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3/27/02 9:18PM: Yummy Fighting Goodness For those who wish to avoid the six-month wait...

Tekken 4 (PS2 Japan)- It's all that, and a bag of chips. The first thing you'll notice is that Tekken 4 looks amazing: the jagged edges are finally gone. That being said, it's still the same old Tekken, nothing revolutionary here, so if you weren't a fan of the series before this title won't change that. Control is dead-on, AI is questionable but functional, Tekken Force mode is a nice diversion, and the well-made ending movies pad out the storyline perfectly. There's not nearly the depth or replay value of VF4, but if you're looking for story and style, this is your game.

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Lots 'o updates to come. In the meantime...

Astonishia Story R (GamePark GP32)- Three hours in, and it's far and away the best game for the GP32 so far.

Third in a series, it has a much more polished feel for anything else on the system right now, and is at the very least graphically and musically above and beyond any other handheld RPG ever made. It's a standard RPG with a Shining Force-type combat system thrown in and a fairly tough difficulty level. Of course, the majority of the non-menu text is completely in Korean, which puts up a big language barrier, but if it were translated and brought out here, it could really start to win some folks over...

Doubutsu Banchou (GameCube Japan)- Also known as "Animal Leader", this game is pretty much along the lines of Seventh Cross on the Dreamcast, but with a very, well, Nintendo feel to it. Originally planned to be an N64 title, the big child-like block graphics do take the edge of off the "kill or be killed" theme, although the music and sound are very nice. The evolution aspect of the game makes it definitely worth importing, but watch out for a fairly high language barrier.