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Games I have always wondered why people play games. Ever since my childhood, I have seen people playing different games and sports, when I was a child I thought only children play games but as I started to grow up I saw elder people, people of all ages playing games and sports. I think people play games for different reasons, some play games for fun while others play because of their health and body shape. People play games for money and fame and some have many other reason for playing different games and these games have a significant effect on their daily life A majority of games playing people fall in the category of playing games for fun. Playing base ball, soccer or hockey etc. could be real fun. I play soccer and cricket only because I enjoy playing these games and hence they bring me inner satisfaction, joy and pleasure.

Pleasure of winning and fear of loosing is always a part of a game even for those who play games only for fun. People tend to get bored of their vocation life and playing games is one of the ways to escape the tensions of daily life.

There is one other category of people who play games, these people play games just to pass there spare time. The best constructive way to kill your time is to spend it playing games and sports, since it not only consumes time but also brings excitement. This keeps them motivated and efficient in their daily life.

There are some people who play sports because they fear for there health and body shape, taking too much rest or doing too much work could also cause a bad effect on body. Exercise and sports not only relaxes the mind but also releases the tension on the body muscles. People, who work in offices and do not have much of physical work to do, usually keep themselves fit and healthy by playing games and different sports since it is a good way to keep body and mind in good shape and health.

Some sports require the players to make quick decisions, like in soccer when a player in moving he keeps an eye on all sides and looks for the opponent players and makes quick decisions, this quick decision making skill helps people to make right decisions at the right time in the daily business of there lives.

Certain games require critical thinking and logic like in chess a person has to make critical and logical decisions. These types of games enhance a person's capability of thinking and developing logic, which helps him in his daily life, when people are asked to make important decisions. Also certain games require team work, for instance in soccer one player is nothing until he combines his skills with other players of the team, these kind of things help people develop in themselves the ability to adjust in different environments and to adjust with different members of the team.

Some people play games because they have a natural talent in a specific kind of game. This talent brings them money and fame by playing games at a higher level like interstate or even international. People like Michael Jordon and Roberto Carlos, who are really famous for their talent, might have started playing for any other reason, like for fun, and ended up in getting great fame all over the world and of course great money and fortune too.

We can say that people play games for different reasons and sports have a great impact on the daily life of people. It is a good way of bringing joy and satisfaction in their lives in the form of personal pleasure, fun and fortune