Games at Twilight

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Preston O'Brien Shulman

Mr. Caldwell

English 1, Period 5

December 3, 2013

"Games at Twilight"

1. If Raghu left, I would have continued the game. I know what Ravi is like because I

myself is competitive and always wants to win. So if I had the opportunity to get

another chance to win i would have taken it.

2. (A) Ravi believes that if he wins all the other children will think more highly of him. He

feels that he will be extolled and will get special privileges.

(B) His view is probably that he is better than the other kids. He probably feels that he

is more athletic or superior to the other children.

3. (A) The other children stop searching for Ravi because they want to move on and

play other games. Their time is not limitless so at one point they drew the line and

wanted to move on.

(B) The other children probably feel that he is way to competitive and probably don't

want to hangout with him anymore. When Ravi claimed that he won, he rubbed it in

his families face and people don't take kindly to that.

4. (A) Ravi learns that people really didn't care that Ravi won the game. They had

moved on to other games and didn't have any concern over the previous games


(B) I believe that his insignificance will remain strong. His friends truthfully didn't care

wether he won or not, and they made that message loud and clear to him.

5. I believe that the story does. In real life, younger kids take things way to seriously and

always need to be the winner and can never lose. So in this story it shows how the

older kids moved on to another game because they weren't...