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Mr. Mohandas Gandhi was a Hindu American. He was born in India in 1869 and died in 1948. Gandhi was raised and grew in India. Gandhi went to England and got his lawyers degree, but later on he went back to India because he couldn't find any work. Later that year he went to South Africa because they had offered him a job. He was only expecting to stay for a year but ended up staying twenty-one years. Gandhi was famous for fighting violence with nonviolence. His motto was basically ' direct action'. He would stand up for what e believed in and fight for it, but wouldn't raise hell over the issue. Gandhi was fighting for a point and a chance to prove to people and to himself that he could make a difference. In 1948 Gandhi was assassinated. He was killed by a Hindu. He killed him because he thought that Gandhi was giving out to many rights to the Muslims He had fear and anger toward the Muslims.

He didn't want Gandhi to do anything for no one but the besides his own people. And Gandhi died for that.

In the scene where the Muslim comes in and is all heated up with anger and talks to Gandhi. While he was all mad, the way Gandhi reacts toward him was strong, and confident. It was like he knew what was going to happen before it did. Anyone else attitude toward the Muslims would have been cruel to him. When the Muslim ran in and told him Gandhi that he was going to go to hell, and Gandhi asked him why would you say something like that he said because one of the Hindu's killed my son and in return he killed a Muslim child by...